Divorce can threaten your sense of security, home, connection with your children, health and well-being. Far reaching legal, financial and parenting decisions loom during one of the most emotionally taxing times of your life.

The good news is, whether you're choosing to end your marriage or the decision was made for you, there is SO much that is within your control.

With the right support, divorce is an invitation to reclaim your whole self and your highest purpose. I'm here for that!

I'm here for YOU!

I'm a Divorce, Transitions and Recovery Coach & Somatic Practitioner.

I help people like you intentionally prepare for and navigate divorce while healing from toxic relationships. Partnering with me during all stages of divorce saves you time, money, and precious energy while we set the stage for the post-divorce life you desire. 

Together, we alchemize the pain of divorce into the most profound healing journey, as you re-member the wholeness of who you are. Even in the most disempowering of circumstances, my clients find their engagement, inner-strength, agency, empowerment, passion, and purpose.

I'm here for you when you're ready.

It takes courage to reach out for support when you already feel stretched beyond your capacity. I've been there. After white knuckling my way through, when I finally gifted myself the support I needed, I thrived through my divorce. The key is having a safe space to share your concerns, curated resources that empower you with knowledge, and an attuned partner walking beside you reminding you of your highest intention at every turn.

Divorce is the transition. How you navigate the process is what makes it transformative. You'll learn to trust yourself and your process. You'll discover your authentic voice, an inner strength that is unshakable, take 'Boundary' as your official middle name, and honor and express your uniqueness as the gift it is and always has been.

Divorce coaching is a priceless investment in your present and your future. As your guide on your path to rediscovering your authentic power, I offer effective resources that expand capacity for resilience as we co-design your next chapter and enjoy ourselves along the way!

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"Michelle is like a tour guide to my nervous system, humbly and intuitively naming patterns that reveal themselves and we gently explore them together. There is levity, depth, intimacy, and regulation in our work together which creates a sense of safety to explore and be curious.

After walking on eggshells for over a decade, I'm on solid ground again."

Gwen (San Fransisco, CA)

“I had no idea how I’d be able to create a life without my spouse. I didn’t recognize the shell of the person I’d become. The day I reached out to Michelle, I began to reconnect with my essence and then slowly, my power got turned back on.

I lost myself in my marriage and found myself in divorce coaching.

Natalia (Burbank, CA)

What is divorce coaching?

The American Bar Association defines Divorce Coaching as “A flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”

As we focus in on your most important/charged/relevant issue, we co-design a plan that maps out each manageable step and honors what you value most. With each shift, confusion turns to clarity, survival to confidence, and pain to peace. My role is to hold a safe container for the reclamation of your authentic voice, a deep connection to the felt sense of your body, and to the power of your intuitive knowing. From that clarity and authority, wise, intentional decisions are made as you transition from marriage with grace and dignity.

Why do I need a Divorce Coach?

Divorce is a civil legal process, the untangling of finances, restructuring parenting roles and residences, and major loss all at once! Having an experienced and resourced Divorce Coach orient, guide, and walk alongside you through the labyrinth of divorce is the best investment you can make in yourself. My trauma-informed approach to coaching includes simple somatic practices and awareness exercises that increase capacity for resilience in times of stress and transition.

You'll have access to my vetted network of divorce professionals and experts in every related field when you require insight or advice.

How are you different than other divorce coaches?

I blend Divorce Coaching with Applied Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing which means that we focus on the state of the nervous system as the foundation of thoughts, emotions and actions. When you're in a regulated state, clarity unfolds organically and everything flows with ease. From that place you're able to make wise, grounded decisions.

My years as a bodywork practitioner, breathwork/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/meditation facilitator, parent educator and my own personal development round out my unique skillset that equips me to support, guide, and resource my clients to take exquisite care of themselves.

The benefits of doing this work directly impact your children as well. What we heal, our children don't have to. As a licensed coach/facilitator of New Ways for Families® (High Conflict Institute®), I educate parents about regulating resources and communication skills to reduce conflict, create more cooperation and contribute to building a world where emotional wisdom prevails.

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